Bhoj Multi-Cuisine Indian Restaurant offers 'unique spices' but struggling since pandemic

Published on Wednesday, 10 August 2022 09:56


ROCKY HILL – Bhoj Multi-Cuisine Indian Restaurant offers a “full-fledged menu” with South and North Indian food, said Gary Reddy, co-owner of the establishment.

The Indian restaurant is located at 397 Cromwell Avenue. 

Reddy said the community has responded positively to the restaurant since it opened in 2017. 

“Everybody says ‘you know good food and everything,’ but still, you know people are not exposed to the Indian restaurant that much,” Reddy said. 

Since the pandemic, the business has declined, and food prices have increased, Reddy said. 

“Even though we advertise I think 50% know about the restaurant, and the other 50% don’t know,” Reddy said. 

Reddy said the popular items on the menu are chicken kabobs, samosa and chicken tikka masala. 

“We offer South Indian dishes and a lot of different cuisines,” he said. “We also sell lamb curry.” 

According to Reddy, the restaurant is most successful during the winter when they receive the most deliveries. 

“After the pandemic, we were affected a lot, specifically during lunch time. We’re not doing that great. But we are trying to get all the customers back like before when we started. I don't know how long the customers will take to come back,” he said. 

Reddy said the restaurant provides a tasty experience.

“The taste is completely different from other restaurants, and our Indian flavors are very nice. I feel like people say there’s a lack of better flavors, and we are more,” Reddy said. “Compared to other restaurants, Bhoj Multi-Cuisine is unique because of the spices, and its customers enjoy the food.”

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