Turco lays out priorities at swearing-in

Published on Friday, 15 January 2021 19:12
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Democratic state Rep. Gary Turco was sworn-in on Wednesday, Jan. 6, to serve the community of Newington in District 27 for his second term in the legislature.

“I look forward to serving Newington again, and creating solutions to the unique challenges that our communities will face this year,” Turco said.

Turco said he will prioritize developing more affordable health care, supporting local businesses and workers, creating a plan for economic recovery, and ensuring Newington continues to see its fair share of state funding. A major source of funding Turco is working hard to secure is the $17 million needed in state funding to renovate Anna Reynolds Elementary School.

Other priorities will include working on policies to ensure Newington residents are kept safe, that the town’s schools and teachers have the resources they need, promoting more economic development and long-term job growth to the region, and reducing the cost of living which includes the creation of affordable home buying and rentals as well as lowering property taxes.

Turco will serve again as the vice chairman of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee. As someone who has graduated from both a Connecticut public and private college, and is a current professor and college admissions counselor, Turco understands the challenges that higher education institutions are facing this year and vitality of these institutions to our communities.

He will also serve as a member of the Appropriations Committee, where he will be the sub-committee chairman on accountability and serve on the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. Rep. Turco asked to join this committee after meeting with many veterans in the community this summer. He has created a public committee of veterans in Newington to assist in advising him on policy for the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Any veterans, veteran family members, or anyone interested in helping Newington and Connecticut veterans are encouraged to join this advisory committee by reaching out to Rep. Turco at G

Turco encourages residents of Newington to fill out an online survey he has created to gather ideas for proposed legislation and provide advice on how to vote on key state issues. The survey can be found at:

Newington residents living in the 27th District should contact him at the Capitol via email at or via phone at 860-240-8735 any time with their opinions on pending legislation, ideas for enhancing State Government, or if assistance is needed navigating any issues with state agencies.

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