'Time capsule' thought to be a cornerstone placeholder

Published on Friday, 20 November 2020 19:06
Written by Erica Drzewiecki


NEWINGTON - The enigmatic object unearthed in the demolition of the old Town Hall recently is slowly relinquishing its mysteries.

First thought to be a time capsule by contractors and town officials, the heavy granite piece found in the walls of the former gymnasium in October is now believed to be a cornerstone placeholder from 1950.

Town Clerk James Krupienski has been digging around Newington history to find out more about the only remaining building block from the original facility, which was replaced this year by a $31 million new town hall and community center.

“The ‘Time Capsule’ I believe is nothing more than a cornerstone placeholder for when the gymnasium and auditorium wings were constructed in 1950,” Krupienski said in an email to the Herald and Town Crier this week.

He also shared the update with the Newington Town Council during their meeting Tuesday night, adding that there is still information to be had about the stone, engraved, “ERECTED 1950.”

“There is some kind of case behind the cornerstone; whether anything’s inside of it or not is anybody’s guess at this point,” Krupienski informed elected officials. “It may have been a support piece for the granite stone on the other side. We won’t know until it actually gets opened.”

If indeed the case does contain documents or mementos, they could have been put there by a graduating class, the town or a local organization of some sort.

Krupienski is researching old news archives from the Board of Education along with student yearbooks from 1949-51, during the era when the building served as the town’s high school.

Although the object is likely just the first stone laid down before the original expansion, the town clerk did confirm that there does exist a time capsule known to Newington officials.

“We have the bicentennial capsule that was located in the main lobby entrance,” he said.

Residents must wait another half-a-century to find out what’s in that one.

It’s not scheduled to be opened until July 4, 2076.

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