Newington woman's project helps turn embarrassment into empowerment

Published on Thursday, 26 September 2019 13:37
Written by Erica Drzewiecki


NEWINGTON - A local woman has launched a campaign to turn a girl’s most embarrassing moment into an empowering one.

Newington resident Jessy Thompson is creating what she calls “Power Packs” - pretty makeup bags filled with feminine products, lip balm and underwear, which she’s distributing to schools in town.

Thompson, age 32 and a mother of two young boys, got the idea from a friend who did a similar project in another town. She took to social media to “set out a couple of feelers” and was overwhelmed by the community’s response. Pretty soon, shipments were arriving to her home with feminine products and makeup bags from Ipsy, a popular monthly subscription company that mails cosmetic samples to users in artsy pouches.

“I posted on the What’s Happening in Newington Facebook page and got an overwhelming amount of responses,” Thompson explained. “It was awesome. The first three days I had eight packages shipped to me. I honestly didn’t expect it to be as big as it was, but it blew up.”

This was the post: “Many young girls are not prepared when they start their period for the first time, leaving them embarrassed, ashamed, and humiliated. I want to change those feelings to empowerment. With your help, female students in middle schools in Newington will receive a Power Pack should they unexpectedly get their period during the school day. All extras will also be provided for the health offices to keep on hand.”

Thompson went on to create an Amazon Wish List people could purchase items from and have them sent to her home, where she is building the Power Packs. Each pack contains seven items: a pad, a tampon, a panty-liner, lip balm, a hair tie, individually-wrapped feminine wipes and a pair of girl’s underwear.

“I called them Power Packs because it gives girls power back in a difficult situation,” Thompson said. “They can go down to the school nurse’s office and pick up this cute little bag with everything they need in it. Nobody will even know. It’s not a big deal and they don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed.”

Last week she delivered 50 bags to Martin Kellogg Middle School, another 50 to John Wallace Middle School and 25 to Ruth Chaffee Elementary School.

JWMS Principal Daniel Dias sent Thompson a thank-you note recognizing the kind gesture.

“Our school nurse has them and we will use them,” Dias told the Town Crier Tuesday. “Jessy truly has the best interests of our students in mind and this will no doubt help support their health and well-being.”

This citizen’s well-minded efforts are continuing as long as the need is there.

“The other three elementary schools want at least ten each and I have updated my Amazon Wish List to make another 100 for Newington High School,” she said.

Thompson remembered the day she first began her menstrual cycle. It’s really been her inspiration for this project.

“I was in the fourth grade and I went to my library media teacher,” she said. “She brought me to the nurse.”

To help the cause, send Jessy an email at or visit

Erica Drzewiecki can be reached at 860-801-5097 or

How you can help:

-Purchase items on Jessy Thompson’s Amazon Wish List, at

-Contact her at to donate money or learn where you can drop off itemsJessy Thompson |

“Power Packs” ready for assembly in the home of Jessy Thompson

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