Town Crier readers weigh in on the 27th House District race

Published on Thursday, 25 October 2018 08:53
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The Town Crier has received numerous letters to the editor regarding the 27th District state House race. These are some of them:

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of  state Rep. Gary Byron. To those of us who know and trust him, he is just Gary. Gary does not refer to “the” town of Newington but  to “my” town of Newington.

I first met Gary many  years ago at Mill Pond Life be in it. I remember what a friendly, sociable and outgoing person he was. Since then, Gary has become our state representative and we could not be luckier. For the past four years Gary has successfully supported our town with vigor and unwavering dedication. He always makes himself  available to the citizens of Newington. Gary holds “coffee hours” and  he really listens.  It’s great to know we have someone at the Capitol that does.

I have personally  known Gary to put in a full day of legislative sessions, then attend town functions, school programs, business openings and other town events. He  then goes home and catches up on messages and other communications. Gary is  well recognized and  respected  by both parties at the Capitol. He has a perfect attendance and voting record.

Gary has   never voted for a tax increase  or legislation  implementing  new taxes. There are so many positive things Gary has done and will continue to do. To know Gary is to support Gary. By re-electing him we can be certain Newington is in the most capable hands.   

Elena Lombardo Corrado


To the Editor:

I can’t think of anything more important than the education of children, including my granddaughters who are Newington students. Given such, I will be voting for Gary Turco for state representative. Mr. Turco has received the support of Newington’s teachers and has been awarded the Honor Roll designation by the CEA, an organization of 43,000 teachers.

I have great respect for the opinion of teachers and have learned that they don’t throw their support to a candidate without thoughtful consideration. In some past elections they have chosen to remain uncommitted, so the fact that they are endorsing Turco speaks volumes.

Turco has committed his support to ensure that our teachers and students receive the resources needed to protect educational funding and has pledged his support in keeping our schools safe.

Last November parents came out in large numbers to vote after witnessing what occurred with our Newington educational budget. Parents and others sent a message to the Republican majority, by making them the now minority. The vote of parents and grandparents demonstrated that we stand with our children and their educational needs and opportunities. We can do that again by supporting Democratic candidate Gary Turco for state representative.

Maureen H. Klett


To the Editor:

Gary Byron has been a force for Newington. As our state Representative he works closely with those of us on the Council to keep his finger on the pulse of issues that are affecting Newington’s residents. He continues to talk to as many residents as he can by attending almost every function he is invited to and many that are open to the public. He holds regular coffee hours and roundtable discussions open to all residents so he can hear what the people of Newington want and need him to do as our Representative.

In addition to knowing the residents he serves, Gary has always voted with his heart, not his party. He is an independent thinker and does what he believes is right, not what any politician thinks he should do. Because of this he has earned the Independent Party endorsement in both 2016 and 2018.

Gary fights for Newington. He has a perfect voting attendance record that proves he cares. He worked with the entire Newington delegation after the oil spill to procure $1.5 million in state funding. When Gov. Malloy cut Newington’s budget by $3 million, Gary worked to restore $2 million in education. Gary cares! Gary goes to bat for our most vulnerable residents. He is a ranking member of the legislature’s Aging Committee and was instrumental in restoring the Medicare Savings Program, and he advocates for individuals and families with disabilities.

Gary is a unique breed of “politician.” I put that word in quotes because I don’t think of Gary as Newington’s politician. I think of him as Newington’s friend. I hope that you will join me in supporting Newington’s future by voting for Gary Byronon November 6. Don’t accept a Gary substitute.

Beth A. DelBuono

Deputy Mayor

Newington Town Council

To the Editor:

Newington is a great place to live, but our town faces challenges and we need a more effective state representative at the state Capitol if we are to grow and succeed.

Unfortunately, Newington has not been represented as well as it could have been the past four years. Now more than ever, we need a strong advocate in Hartford to help us obtain the state grants we deserve for improving our schools, fostering economic development and creating jobs. We need someone fresh to help us eliminate the unfunded mandates that are increasing the tax burden on property owners.

And we need an active partner in the state legislature who has the ability to work with the leaders in charge.

As a former policy analyst for Democratic state representatives and an adviser to the House leadership, Gary Turco knows the ins and outs at the Capitol and how to secure what Newington needs.

Because of his devotion to Newington and his intense desire to represent all of the people of our town, we endorse Gary Turco to be Newington’s next state representative in the 27th House District.

Gary Turco will be able to secure new economic development grants to help redevelop old industrial and commercial non-revenue producing sites and brownfields to expand our stagnant grand list.

Gary has the know-how for getting state grants for the purchase of open space and will effectively protect vital services, create new jobs and grow an economy that works better for all of Newington’s residents.

Carol Anest, Majority Leader

Jim Marocchini, Councilor

Diana Serra, Councilor

Nick Arace, Councilor

Chris Minor, Councilor

To the Editor:

This year with two candidates with the same first name running for the same office it can be a little confusing. Luckily the choice of which to vote for is easy; vote for the right Gary: Gary Byron. Vote for someone who has lived his entire life in Newington and has been involved in the community: Gary Byron. Vote for someone who has represented Newington for two terms as our Representative and has never missed a vote and had a perfect attendance record: Gary Byron. Vote for a small business owner who understands what it takes to make a business a success in Connecticut: Again, vote for Gary Byron.

Vote for someone who already has a track record of representing Newington and the interest of all of us: Gary Byron. Vote for someone who has demonstrated his concern for how our tax dollars are raised and more importantly how they are spent: Gary Byron. Vote for someone who even in these difficult times has consistently supported those in our community who are to most vulnerable, the disabled and elderly: Gary Byron.

Vote for someone who has been visible in our community, not only in the last few months while running for office but someone who holds regular meeting with his constituents and numerous special forums: Gary Byron. Vote for someone who has been able to stand up to Governor Malloy and his taxes, someone who has never voted for a tax increase: Gary Byron.

Newington needs a representative we can all be proud of, we need a proven leader, we need Gary Byron to represent us in Hartford. We need to vote for the right Gary, Gary Bryon.

Tim Manke

Town Councilor


To the Editor:

Once in a while a candidate for state representative comes along who ticks all the boxes - someone who understands business, who understands education, who understands what it means to be a homeowner - Gary Turco is that candidate. He gets it - as a small business development manager for technology startups, he knows the challenges small business face. He gets it - as a former higher education administrator and someone who served as a primary school teacher in Uganda, he knows the importance of educating our children. He gets it - a Newington homeowner, he knows the struggle to balance the need for services with the need to keep taxes reasonable.

I believe that Mr. Turco understands and is qualified in a way that our current representative never will or will be. After all, the current rep says he never voted to raise taxes - which is hogwash given he voted to lift the cap on car taxes and against property tax relief for disabled vets. He also lost a bunch of the space on Cedar Mountain he was supposed to get for the town - then tried to take credit for the space that his predecessor had already gotten!

Time after time, the current rep has shown, though pleasant, he just doesn’t get the importance of honesty, equality, education, the need to protect small businesses and the vulnerable. Newington needs someone who does, which is why I am voting for Gary Turco for state Representative.

Kelley Kelly


To the Editor:

State Rep. Gary Byron has proven to be an effective representative for Newington. For four straight years he earned a 100 percent attendance and voting record, ensuring our district was represented on every vote.

Byron attends numerous functions in town, holds office hours and legislative roundtables, and knocks on doors to listen to his constituents.

He carries Newington’s concerns back to the floor of the House. He voted to restore $2 million in educational grants to Newington and voted against Malloy’s tax-increasing budgets. He stood with us during “Save Mill Pond Park” and he was instrumental in finalizing transfer of state property on Cedar Mountain to the town.

As a small business owner, Byron understands the challenge of doing business in Connecticut. He hosts Newington’s “Small Business Advisory Board” where he updates local business owners on relevant issues at the Capitol and listens to their concerns.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), the state’s largest business organization, has endorsed Byron for the state House of Representatives

Byron knows the challenges facing Newington and understands the urgency facing our state. He works hard, listens well and looks for productive solutions to issues. Fiscally conservative and socially responsible, he will keep Newington and its residents a priority in his work at the state level. Please vote to return Representative Byron to office.

Gail Budrejko

Town Councilor


To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Gary Turco for state Representative of the 27th District in Newington.

Turco is currently a member of our town’s Economic Development Commission, and has experience working at the state Capitol as a policy analyst helping to pass legislation to protect children and families, and develop digital technology start-up companies internationally. Gary knows his way around the Capitol and can get things done.

Gary’s top priorities would be to protect vital services for our children, invest wisely for the state’s future with strategic investments in our local businesses and workforce to make sure that Newington secures our fair share of state funding to reduce property taxes and keep our schools strong, and protecting the rights of all citizens, ensuring equal civil rights, liberties and protections for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Gary has also been endorsed by the Sierra Club, The National Organization for Women, and Planned Parenthood. The issues of conservation and protection of open space and the rights of women are of particular importance to me, and I want a representative that will work to protect them.

Please join me on November 6 to elect a hard-working, passionate candidate that can and will ensure a brighter future for our town.

Bernadette Conway


To the Editor:

If you look up the definition of representative you should see Gary Byron listed as an example. Byron has served Newington for four years as our representative. In that time he has attended countless town events, and activities. He is active and a part of anything that happens in our town. He holds regular coffee hours and many legislative round tables to get a feel for what the community needs.

In addition, he has never missed a vote in the legislature and has a 100 percent attendance record, always voting in the best interest of Newington.

Byron is dedicated to our town and its citizens. He worked in a bipartisan effort to secure state funding to help Newington offset the cost of the recent fuel spill. He is the ranking member on the legislative Aging Committee and played a key role in restoring the Medicare Saving Program. He also co-sponsored a bill prohibiting the governor from making rescissions or other reductions to municipal and educational (ECS) funding.

Such dedication and hard work deserve our appreciation and our support. It deserves our vote. Vote for Gary Byron.

Chris Manke


To the Editor:

Newington voters have a clear choice on Election Day, November 6: We can either vote for the candidate who, for the last five years, has gone to work day in and day out, yet has not done much for his constituents, a candidate that has taken credit for the accomplishments of others, including those of us who actually did fight to save Cedar Mountain, and stop the town from building on Mill Pond Park? And while he might have “assisted” in securing $1.5 million to remediate the diesel fuel leak, it was state Rep. Tony Guerrera who did just about all the work.

Or should we vote for Gary Turco? Gary is a Newington homeowner, and has been an alternate member of the Town Plan and Zoning Commission, and is currently a member of the Economic Development Commission. He has worked in government, small business, non-profits, and has helped pass laws that assist small businesses and children. Gary has also spent time educating children in third world areas.

Turco will help provide affordable health care, tax relief for seniors and veterans, and a quality education for our children. He will see to it that strategic investments are made in small businesses and workforce training, creating new jobs and growing the economy. He will ensure that Newington gets its share of state funding.

A vote for Gary Turco for Representative from the 27th Assembly District is a vote for true representative government.

Michael J. Fox


To the Editor:

What is happening to us? When did we change? Has this hatred and divisiveness always been just below the surface waiting for a match like Donald Trump to ignite it like a volcano? It has taken only two years for us to become the Divided States of America where tribalism and hatred rule. My tribe is better than your tribe. Your tribe lies while my tribe doesn’t tell the truth. Is there a difference? I don’t trust you because you’re not from my tribe and you don’t trust me for the same reason.

Our politicians lie to our face, twist the truth, falsify documents, release sensitive government documents all in the name of their tribe and a political agenda that seems bent on destroying our country. They chose to forget the oath they took to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The Constitution, the most sacred document in this country. A document that tells the world who we are and what we always hope to be. A number of these politicians appear determined on destroying this nation for the greater good of their particular tribe. We are better than this.

We are not a hostile collection of savage tribes bent on self-destruction. When we pledge allegiance to our flag, it is to “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” We are one nation. We are not Democrat or Republican or Independent, we are Americans. We are not black or white, brown or yellow, we are Americans. We are not Christian or Jew, Muslim or Hindu. We are Americans. Period.

William Lindberg


(More letters will appear next week.)

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