Library program inspires love for art at an early age

Published on Tuesday, 13 March 2018 19:54


NEWINGTON - Babies loved art at the Lucy Robbins Welles Library this week.

Twenty little ones explored their creativity with a variety of hands-on activities Monday morning. There was a waiting list for the annual program, which provided unmatched sensory experience to the library’s youngest patrons.

“If the popularity keeps up we might consider doing it more often,” said Sarah Riordan, a library staff member who helped children’s librarian Beth Mendelsohn facilitate the morning’s activities.

About a dozen different stations were set up for families to visit. Staff used non-toxic, kid-friendly ingredients to create homemade “play-dough” with which babies could create their own sculptures. Tiny fingers squished through colored spaghetti and dipped into washable yellow tempera paint to make flower hand prints to take home.

“It’s all very sensory,” Mendelsohn pointed out.

There was roller painting on a mural set up at a low height so babies who are standing on their own could contribute. Sealed plastic mats filled with glitter paint were pressed by little hands to swirl the colors into Van Gogh-like masterpieces. Kinetic sand in miniature sand boxes became storybook castles and creatures in miniature tabletop sandboxes.

Stacey Roller, her mom Trudy Watson and her aunt Cindy Perry played with Roller’s 4-year-old daughter Thelma Rose and her 9-month-old brother Doug.

“We’ve only been in Newington for about a year but I love the sense of community and how friendly everyone is,” Roller said. “The librarians remember Thelma’s name when they see her and have watched Doug grow.”

Berlin resident Sam Sullivan’s 13-month-old daughter Meadow Myska’s was enchanted by the roller paint.

“We only do a few art activities at home so I want her to do more,” Sullivan said. “It works different parts of their brains. Plus when she gets older art could become a good outlet.”

The library has several different programs for infants nine months and older, including a story time and musical fun.

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