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Published on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 19:17
Written by Erica Schmitt

Staff Writer

NEWINGTON - The ladies at French’s Worldwide Travel have the latest in savvy tips and cautionary tales for upcoming travel in the New Year.

Honeymooners and spring-breakers might be concerned about heading to tropical areas after a particularly active hurricane season.

There are islands to be wary of, the team says, but other places that fared just fine through the storms.

“The western Caribbean in fine,” travel agent Karen Powell said. “If you’re going to do more in-depth exploring in the eastern Caribbean, some of the outings you might normally want to do won’t be the best right now. The inland areas of some of the islands are still heavily devastated.”

That includes St. Martin and St. Thomas, two of the most popular Caribbean destinations. Frequent visitors may still choose to visit as a way to aid in recovery.

“Some people have an island they love and they want to spend their dollars there and help the people get back on their feet,” Powell pointed out.

The cruise lines have returned to San Juan, Puerto Rico, after a heavy hit from Hurricane Maria. The port has long been the boarding place for cruise itineraries and was able to return to business as usual fairly quickly.

For those craving a last-minute escape who don’t have time to plan or worry, consider exploring the North American continent.

Right now the agents at French’s Travel are putting together more and more last-minute getaways to Arizona, Florida, California and Canada.

There are cities, small towns and interesting spots to check out closer to home that can feel like a world away.

Despite the current unsettledness of many typically popular tourist destinations, that doesn’t mean world travel is out of the question.

Owner Valeri French is currently in South Africa, on one of many exploratory trips she and fellow agents embark on to keep up-to-date.

Africa is one of those special destinations that commands a bit more planning than others. Although illness prevalence is always changing, there are usually several different vaccinations doctors advise incoming travelers.

“You can go to a travel clinic or your primary care doctor to find out the latest,” Powell explained.

As a matter of fact, she added, anytime you’re considering a trip “off the beaten path” it’s smart to research the latest in travel requirements and suggestions.

People often turn to the internet for this information, but travel agents are a more trustworthy resource.

To plan your next trip, stop in or call French’s Travel, 50 Market Square, at 860-666-4625.

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