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Published on Thursday, 14 September 2017 19:43
Written by Erica Schmitt

Staff Writer

NEWINGTON - How often do athletes and people with physically demanding jobs suffer from broken bones, torn joints and chronic pain?

Patients with these injuries and ailments find relief at Damato Chiropractic Center every day, through personalized rehabilitation plans. Some leave after their first visit with a home exercise plan in hand and get better on their own. Others return to the facility at 123 Lowrey Place to speed up their recovery. Then the healing process evolves into a new workout routine.

“Our goal is to progress from a rehab routine to a fitness routine designed to prevent pain and reoccurrences of injuries and improve overall health and fitness,” exercise manager Tom McLellan explained.

With a specialty in injury rehabilitation, McLellan works with anyone whose body is suffering, from athletes and construction workers to firefighters and police.

Dr. Eric Damato has expanded his team to 25 staff members, including four doctors, two exercise therapists and nine massage therapists. They recently accepted CT Now’s 2017 award for Best Chiropractor in Hartford County.

Damato Chiropractic is sought after by semi-professional athletes and local families alike, who are provided with access to the most innovative techniques and machinery to debut in the industry. The latest addition to their facility is radio pulse therapy, which sends radio waves through a patient to target problem areas.

“It’s really big in Europe right now, but it hasn’t been utilized much in the states,” Damato said. “I’ve had patients walk in here in pain and walk out with no pain afterwards.”

Rehabilitation physician Dr. Chris Giannos is excited to work with these new modalities.

“They span from the well-known therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and laser for soft tissue injuries to other more state-of-the-art therapies such as the radial shockwave therapy system that uses radio waves to break up knots, adhesions and scar tissue over the surface of the skin in order to restore full function and mobility in the muscles and joints eventually,” Giannos said.

At over 7,500 square feet, the facility also features Studio 31, a massage therapy wing with a spa.

While some chiropractic patients are in and out in as little as 20 minutes, others stay to work out in the fitness center and have a massage afterwards.

With a full range of services and flexible hours, Damato Chiropractic Center appeals to people of all ages and needs.

To make an appointment, call 860-436-2065. Visit for more information.

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