A blockbuster of a block party on Isabelle Terrace

Published on Thursday, 7 September 2017 14:32
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For the residents of Isabelle Terrace, this Labor Day held special significance as they came together and held their 10th annual street party.

The initial impetus for the party came from several senior residents who called Isabelle Terrace their home for decades. They wanted to celebrate the sense of community that made living on the small street so special.

The idea appealed to others on the street and in 2007 the first street party was held. What was intended to be a onetime event, 10 years later is still going strong.

Residents prepare the food and their special homemade dishes have become an awaited tradition.

There are games and activities for kids and kids at heart.

Previous years featured parades, scavenger hunts, street Olympics, piñatas, and even a talent show.

A resident trivia contest revealed who on the street was known as “Bubbles” in high school, who once piloted a Goodyear blimp, and who was serenaded by Frank Sinatra on her honeymoon.

All residents work to make the event a success but it takes coordination and planning.

Dave Tedeschi has become the de facto coordinator, assisted by Nuno Andrade, Gail Budrejko, and Dan Fisher among others.

The all-day event includes an evening fire pit and a morning after breakfast traditionally prepared by Fisher.

Tedeschi attests that the event has brought people closer together.

“Bringing neighbors together,” he said, “is where community starts.”

Andrade, who has two sons, agrees.

“We watch out for each other. That’s what a neighborhood should be,” he said.

Over the years, the street has lost a few of its elder statesmen, but all are remembered with love.

“It’s a great place to live,” said Budrejko who grew up on Isabelle Terrace, “and I’m so appreciative of all those, past and present, who made it so.”

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