Downtown Business Association: Chiropractic and beyond at Damato Chiropractic Center

Published on Thursday, 20 April 2017 19:45
Written by Erica Schmitt

Staff Writer

NEWINGTON – Since moving to a new location downtown Damato Chiropractic has expanded its space and the services offered, along with the number of staff and clientele.

The 7400 sq. ft. facility at 123 Lowrey Place offers separate wings for massage therapy, chiropractic treatment and physical fitness, along with a shower area and locker room.

Dr. Eric Damato welcomed several new doctors, exercise specialists and personal trainers to the team.

Doctors make in-person visits twice-monthly to adjust players and coaches of the Hartford Wolf Pack, marking their 10th consecutive season as the team’s official chiropractor.

Exercise Manager Tom McLellan runs the fitness center, which has become a safe haven for athletes and those with physically-demanding careers.

Emergency responders, for example, can risk their jobs if injured during an exercise routine. In addition to guiding their regular workouts, staff train police and firefighters for certification-type tests.

“We have a specialized training process to meet their demands,” McLellan explained. “It allows them to perform their jobs at a higher level and when they’re on call they’re able to keep up their stamina and energy.”

He is one of three exercise therapists at the center, joining certified CrossFit Trainer Jillian McNally. The group works in conjunction with a local gym specializing in the high-demand exercise regimen of CrossFit, which can sometimes result in injuries.

“We can take people past the rehab process and move into fitness, strength and conditioning,” McLellan said.

Damato also has nine massage therapists, five chiropractic doctors and five support staff members. While some clients come for a specific need, others benefit from the variety of offerings.

“All the services complement each other so some people take part in all of them,” Damato pointed out.

With the new location comes expanded hours. The facility is now open six days a week. Fitness and massage wings are open early mornings and late evenings by appointment, to accommodate busy clients.

Before the big move the practice was located on nearby Market Square for over 14 years. The former space was less than half the size, with three floors in comparison to the new one-level facility.

“Since we got here we’ve had record week after record week,” Damato said.

Patients of all ages and needs are welcome.

To learn more call 860-436-2065 or visit

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