Myers' mental approach keeping him successful with Blues

Published on Tuesday, 19 July 2022 14:55
Written by Serenity Bishop


As Chaz Myers began walking to the batter’s box during the bottom of the fourth inning last Thursday night, he approached the plate confidently. He walked with his head up, bat dangling from his right hand and with an aura that said he was made for this.

The fans at Muzzy Field all knew what was about to happen. They sat with anticipation. Some cheering, some too focused to let out a sound, but all of them realizing what Myers is capable of. On a three-one count, Myers delivered with a base hit to get him to first. While not the flashiest or most memorable hit, it continued the Blues dominance over North Adams, which ultimately ended in an 8-1 victory.

It was in fact what Myers has done all year long. As the team leader in home runs and batting average, at .333, Myers has consistently found ways to impact the game at home plate. He said his mindset when approaching the plate is just to keep it simple and to not over think.

“We work with our hitting coach a lot and it’s just about keeping a very simple approach. As a right handed batter I always look fastball,” Myers said. “I’m looking to put something into the opposite way. Keep my bat path really well and just simplify the game as much as possible.”

He said the game of baseball is simple, but it can get complex when players over think and that’s when they start to mess up. He said the more you can simplify the game the slower it is and the better you’ll play, but the more you over think, the faster the game is and the tendency to mess up increases.

“Baseball is a slower paced game. It’s easy to get caught in your own head,” Myers said. “It’s mental. I think someone said a long time ago baseball is 30% skill and 70% mental. It’s a tough game. Failure is literally built in. If you succeed 30% of the time you’re a great hitter.”

Myer’s success this season and his baseball journey in general has been built through “hard work.” He said growing up he didn’t work with a lot of hitting coaches or defensive coaches. It all just fell into place the more he played.

“A lot of glory to God for giving me the athletic ability to play this game at a high level,” he said.

However, this season the relationship that he has built with the Bristol Blues coaching staff has taken him to even higher heights. He said the work that they put in during batting practice or early work has improved his skill and further developed his game.

He said while it’s hard to come into a new area and play for a new coaching staff and instantly build trust, he bought into the organization and the outcome has been successful.

“They really have helped me,” he said. “I’ve really trusted them and it’s shown. We trust our coaches and we trust what they say and look we have one loss at home. I think our coaches are pretty good at developing us and getting us better each and every day.”

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